Yeast for Professional Brewers

Pro-Brewers can order any strain from our yeast library (link opens in a new window). All strains grown to order will need ten days lead time to account for propagation and an extensive five-day Quality Control.  Strains that are currently in inventory can be shipped out same day if orders are made before 10 am.  Please call for current availability. All orders are grown to 11.25 million cells per mL. If your wort will exceed 15 degrees Plato, or 1.058 Specific Gravity, additional cells will be grown at a discounted cost to ensure you are pitching the proper quantity of cells to get your fermentation done. For yeast pitches grown at a lager pitch rate, add 30%.

Batch SizeCost
1 BBL$60
2 BBL$100
3 BBL$125
4 BBL$155
5 BBL$185
6 BBL$215
7 BBL$240
8 BBL$265
9 BBL$290
10 BBL$315
15 BBL$420
20 BBL$515
30 BBL$690
50 BBL$1,000
50+ BBL$20/BBL

Inland Island provides high quality services and yeast for the brewing industry. We are a licensed wholesale food manufacturer using only the highest quality ingredients. Inland Island does not cover the wholesale or retail cost of beer or any ingredients, costs, services, labor expenses, etc. where its products are concerned.