Store your house strains with us

Yeast Banking at Inland Island Yeast Laboratories

Inland Island offers a yeast banking service to our customers looking to keep their proprietary house strains healthy and ready to order. Your yeast will be cryogenically frozen at peak performance right here in our lab, available only to YOU!

Why should you consider yeast banking?

Do you have a special house strain that you want to be available just for you? Inland Island will keep your strain stashed in our vault and only YOU will have access to ordering it. We will always have your yeast in stock! Letting us bank your strain is the perfect solution for maintaining the quality of your yeast. Forget about the worry of overhead QC costs that would be required in your brewery; we manage all of that for you as part of the banking service.

 “We bank our house strains with Inland Island because their mindset and approach sets them apart from the competition. They deliver dense, healthy slurries that consistently outperform their market equivalents.”

– Brandon Capps, New Image Brewing

What exactly happens during banking?

Once Inland Island has received a sample of your yeast, it will go through a cleaning process to ensure that it is free from contaminants such as other wild yeasts or bacteria. If necessary, your yeast strain will be isolated and then tested on 4 types of plates including: WLD: AnO2 & O2, LCSM, and WLN. The colony morphology will be documented and each and every pitch you order will be compared to the original to ensure a consistent product.

You no longer need to worry about the consistency of your yeast from batch to batch. Banking your yeast with us means you’ll get consistent results each time you brew with your special strain. 

How should you provide a sample to begin the banking process?

Your sample can be provided in a number of ways:

Please note: Initial lead time for banking your yeast strain may take up to 30 days. Once the initial banking is complete, the standard 10 day lead time will apply to all future orders placed with Inland Island Yeast Lab. Minimum order size is a 1 bbl pitch.

Yeast Banking Fees


(up to 250 BBLs of pitchable yeast)


(up to 500 BBLs of pitchable yeast)

Inquire for monthly or
annual storage fee costs. 

Yeast Bank Submission Form

Please fill out this form to give us the details of your house strain that you will be submitting to us for banking. Upon submission, we will email you a copy of this form to print out and include with your sample.

Strains almost always in stock for next-day delivery*

* Due to finite inventory and constant daily orders, we cannot guarantee these strains are always in stock to ship for next-day delivery. Feel free to give us a call to confirm before ordering.