Sample Testing Services

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Full Plate Testing


Sample is taken and plated on four different plates to look for possible brewery spoilers as well as positive identification of the dominant yeast strain.  Plates used are WLD, LCSM and WLN.  This test requires incubation for colonies to be identified so results take five days for incubation and an additional day for reports to be compiled and sent to the customer.  Samples will be plated within 24 hours of receipt.  For the price, this is the most extensive testing available, so if you’ve got the time, this is the best value.

PCR Using Pall Genedisc

$200 - Results in 24 hours
$125 - Results in 72 hours

Samples will be run on either Yeast or Bacterial ID kits (depending on customer request) and the presence of organisms will be determined by Polymerase Chain Reaction.  Results can be identified by species which is very useful when making decisions for product quality.

Sample Testing Submission

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