INIS-001 Northern California Ale Yeast

Inland Island’s Northern California Ale Yeast is isolated from a premier American craft brewer. Produces a clean and crisp beer with low fruitiness and mild esters.

Technical Specifications

Temp Range:60-72°F
Alcohol Tolerance:HIgh

Sample Usage: Barley Wine

Brewer: Matthew

13 pounds Rahr 2 row
1 pound Caramel 90 L
1/2 pound Caramel 120 L
1/2 pound Special “b”

Mash 1 hour at 149 F
Boil 3.5 hours

90 minutes 2 oz Challenger 8..8% AA
25 minutes 0.5 oz Cascade 6.6% AA
15 minutes 1 oz Cascade 6.6% AA
5 minutes 1 oz Cascade 6.6% AA
Dry Hop 2 0z Cascade 6.6% AA

California Ale Yeast INIS001



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