INIS-001 Northern California Ale Yeast

Inland Island’s Northern California Ale Yeast is isolated from a premier American craft brewer. This strain is commonly referred to as “Chico” and is one of the most used yeasts in the brewing industry for it’s clean profile and ease of repitch.   Produces a clean and crisp beer with low fruitiness and mild esters.

Technical Specifications

Temp Range:60-72°F
Alcohol Tolerance:HIgh

Sample Usage: Barley Wine

13 pounds Rahr 2 row
1 pound Caramel 90 L
1/2 pound Caramel 120 L
1/2 pound Special “b”

Mash 1 hour at 149 F
Boil 3.5 hours

90 minutes 2 oz Challenger 8..8% AA
25 minutes 0.5 oz Cascade 6.6% AA
15 minutes 1 oz Cascade 6.6% AA
5 minutes 1 oz Cascade 6.6% AA
Dry Hop 2 0z Cascade 6.6% AA

California Ale Yeast INIS001

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