We start with a single cell.

Yeast Propagation and
Brewery Lab Testing

Trusted by Dozens of America’s Top Breweries

Inland Island is a full-service yeast propagation and brewery laboratory support company in pursuit of the best beer in the world. That pursuit starts with a single cell. That single cell makes a colony, and that colony determines the quality of your final product. At Inland Island, every order is grown from a single cell to ensure purity and consistency with every pitch. This is followed up by a Quality Control program that is unmatched in the industry. Based in the Rocky Mountains, we ship yeast overnight nationally and work with breweries, distilleries, and cideries of all sizes from coast to coast.

“Inland Island yeast is fantastic to work with. Not only is their product consistent with a wide variety of options and reasonable lead times; their technical knowledge is world class, and they are always willing to troubleshoot processes beyond just functional fermentation in order to make the best possible finished product.”

– Teddy Gowan, Director of Brewing Operations, Societe Brewing

Yeast For Everything You Can Brew

If you can brew it, we’ve got a yeast strain for it. Our library boasts more than 75 strains, and we’ll grow anything you need with a 10 day lead time. We always have more than 10 strains in stock for next-day delivery for when you’re in a pinch, too.

Rigorous Quality Control and Thorough Sample Testing

Quality product requires extensive quality control. We implement the highest level of contaminant screening to ensure every pitch is pure and free of brewery contaminants. Every yeast pitch is end-point tested for both identification of brewery spoilers as well as positive identification of colony morphology and strain identification.

Delivering Consistent and Award-Winning Yeast Pitches

Award winning beer starts with quality ingredients. At Inland Island we have been helping our customers make award winning beer since 2015. Check out our award-winning customers and what they have to say about their experience with our products!

“Working with Inland Island has greatly improved the quality of our beer and made my life a lot easier on multiple occasions. Yeast pitches are always to spec, deliveries arrive on time, and the customer service is top notch and willing to help out when changes arise at the brewery. On top of all of this, the folks at Inland Island are some of the nicest and most knowledgeable in the biz!”

– Alex Meyer, Head Brewer, Upslope Brewing Company

High Quality Pitches From High Quality People

From Production, to Quality Control and Customer Service, not just anyone can propagate and deliver quality yeast. Our people and their prowess differentiate us from the rest. Check out the Inland island team.

Strains almost always in stock for next-day delivery*

* Due to finite inventory and constant daily orders, we cannot guarantee these strains are always in stock to ship for next-day delivery. Feel free to give us a call to confirm before ordering.