Wild Sacch*

A wild saccaromyces yeast strain capable of primary fermentation in less than a week. This strain will exhibit saison like phenols at the high end of the temp range, and cleaner profile at the lower end. Great strain for kettle and mixed fermentation sours.


Wild / Brett

Attenuation %




Temp Range °F


Alcohol Tolerance

*Wild Sacch* has been identified using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to contain the glucoamylase gene (STA1), which can be an indicator of S. cerevisiae var. diastaticus. As such, this strain has the ability to utilize some dextrins which are unfermentable to most species of S. cerevisiae, and thus achieve a very high level of attenuation. However, this strain is not considered a contaminant and will not over attenuate finished beer when a high level of attenuation is expected.
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