INIS-780 Atlas Lager

This high-pressure lager strain will allow you to ferment at nearly room temperature while Lagering can be finished in under two weeks. By applying pressure to the fermentation vessel (Less than 1 bar, 14.7psi), fermenting at Ale temp, 62 – 68F, and Lager conditioning at 35F for 3-5 days, Atlas Lager can produce a clean and carbonated Lager in 10 – 14 days. Sulfur production is significant for the first few days, but tapers off to almost undetectable levels by day 3. This speed and temperature flexibility of fermentation allows Atlas Lager to hold up to the weights of time, tank space and glycol that make the Lager game so challenging.

Technical Specifications

Temp Range:62 - 68 F
Alcohol Tolerance:Medium



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