INIS-444 TRVE Norwegian

This is truly a one of a kind strain harvested in the Voss countryside and delivered to us by Trve Brewing’s Zach Coleman on a trip to Vossbryggeri. During a brew day in a eldhus (fire house), with both a farmer, Kjetil, and a brewer, Dag, Zach was gifted this strain while learning many traditional techniques. This strain expresses the typical orange marmalade characteristics of a Voss Kveik with hints of cantaloupe, citronella and white pepper. Mildly sweet and subtly bitter finishes with just a tinge of minerality are common. Brew a Farmhouse or a fruity citrus IPA and let it free-rise and rip through fermentation hot and quick!

Technical Specifications

Temp Range:70 - 100+ F
Alcohol Tolerance:Medium



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