Process Sterility &
Brewery Cleanliness

As the craft brewing industry continues to grow, ensure your brewery producing the best product it can! Are you worried about shelf life or product stability? Inland Island can help you. A member of our team will come and do a complete walk down of your brewery. This includes sampling and noting any point in the process that could be costing you. We will point out any problems, make recommendations, and ensure that your brewery is producing the best possible product.

Testing Beer &

Every brewer wants to ensure that their customers taste their beer in peak condition. Shelf life and stability can be major concerns, but Inland Island can help! Send us a sample of your beer and we will test to make sure that it is free of contaminants. We will provide you with the genus of any contaminants and help locate how contaminants got into the final product.

Need answers now?!! Inland Island can run your samples on PCR and get same day results. Our PCR can test for Brettanomyces/Dekkera species: B. bruxellensis, B. anomala, B. naardenensis, & B. custersiana. We can also test for Saccharomyces diastaticus which has been the cause of many major recalls over the past year. Trust your quality control to the experts with the most up to date methods!


Quality Control in your Brewery

Interested in doing your own quality control or quality assurance? Inland Island sells plates that can tell you anything you need to know about your brewery and beer.

All plates are $3 and minimum order of 10 plates.


Lee's Multi-Differential Agar

Contains the yeast inhibitor cyclohexemide. Prevents culture yeast from growing and allows common brewery bacteria and wild yeast to grow on the plate. Plate turns yellow if acid producing bacteria is present.


Wallerstein Differential Agar

An alternative to LMDA that allows a wider range of bacteria to grow. It also contains cyclohexemide to prevent culture yeast from growing. Plate turns yellow if acid producing bacteria is present.

HLP Plates

Hsu's Lactobacillus & Pediococcus Media

Specially designed to encourage Lacto/Pedio to grow quickly. For testing beer for Lacto/Pedio infection.


Lin's Wild Yeast Media

Plates contain a special dye to prevent culture yeast from growing but allow wild yeast to grow. Does not work with all culture yeast and plates must be used within 5 days or arrival.

Wort Agar

Brewer's Yeast Media

Plates are made from wort and agar and are used for growing culture yeast for storage or isolation.